Stunning Art Deco Wine Cooler

 circa 1945

Simple modern lines in silver design, produced as early as 1912 by firms like cardeilhac and Louis Aucoc all produced some Art Nouveau pieces. By the 1920s we see a number of new designers often commissioned by well known firms. Christofle was very receptive to the Art Deco style and commissioned such artists as Gio Pontti, Christian Fjerdingstad, Jean Serriere, Maurice daurat , Gaston Dubois, Luc Lanel and Paul Fallot to design for them. Other firms like Tetard Freres followed suit. The most important of all of these was Jean E Puiforcat and next to him undoubtely, the most influential silversmith was Georg Jensen. Jensen Produced some wonderful Deco designs. This Wine Cooler disigned by Harald Nielsen in 1934 shows perfectly the transition of the Art Deco style within the Georg Jensen company. Most importantly, this piece was made within 10 years of its design. Sterling silver.

Height 10 inches
Item No. N126

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