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Through this time of uncertainty and change, it has become clear that our homes are more important than ever before. They are not only places for us to keep safe, but also places of creativity and expression. Over the years, we have designed our store on Worth Avenue to exist as a space of inspiration, for the homes of all of our friends and customers. Even though, for now, we are unable to host you in our store, we are still committed to bringing inspiration to you – at home. So, we have created these catalogs, a way for us to continue to share beautiful designs/ideas with you; some brightness, in these unusual times. 

Murano Glass

As is illustrated by this catalogue, we offer one of the finest collections of 20th Century Murano glass to be found anywhere in the world. These are some of the best examples of works by such artists as Pino Signoretto, Loredano Rosin, Alfredo Barbini, Archimede Seguso, and many other well known artists.

Vintage Murano art glass is now in major museums, and is increasing in value and demand. We hope that you enjoy this catalogue of The Silver Fund’s extensive collection of vintage Murano art glass.

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