Designer Regine Traulsen showcases Moroccan style in Palm Beach

By Carleton Varney – Special to the Palm Beach Daily News

Morocco and Regine Traulsen, in my mind, always walk hand-in-hand.

Regine, who is married to a former Town Councilman Bill Diamond, is a virtuoso at entertaining. She can be found organizing parties in Palm Beach, New York, Paris or Casablanca.

Regine was born in Morocco and enjoys a life of travel across the globe. I first met her some years ago during her days as a fashion designer. Her tunic caftans — embroidered and colorful to perfection — rode quite a new wave in the 1970s.

A fashion designer nearly always is a decorator as well, and the Diamonds’ Palm Beach residence has reflected Regine’s artistic passion, creating a showcase for the best of Moroccan style. From the tiles, lighting fixtures and rugs, to the candelabra and banquette seating, the look would be perfectly appropriate in a Moroccan palace.

The Diamonds often have greeted their dinner guests at an entrance lined with lighted candles in hurricane glasses. The staircase as well as the walkway are enhanced with a Moroccan rug runner.

The folk of the Northern African country are great colorists and fond of rugs. I use Moroccan rugs often in interiors, along with those handmade in the historic Persian countries and Turkey.

For centuries, artists have decorated ceilings with paintings and walls with murals — think, for instance, how one knows to look up when visiting the Sistine Chapel. Regine has gone the other direction and brought floor art in the Moroccan style to her Palm Beach residence, and the look draws great appreciation from decorating connoisseurs. What one might have mistaken as Aubusson rugs, Regine has created with paint on stone surfaces, all durable and ready to walk on, preserved for the future. Washing doesn’t affect the artwork.

When considering a design for floors, we are all familiar with those stencil designs that can be painted on and protected with polyurethane finishes. But not too many of us know how to go over the top — yet underfoot — in the Regine Traulsen style!

At a recent dinner at her home, Regine gave her guests a tour, pointing out all of her new creations and selections. Those included a shimmering blue-topped coffee table purchased from The Silver Fund at 330 Worth Ave., a shop with British roots that reflects great imagination and is stocked with unique pieces — from sofas to tables, from the glass of Venice to the jewelry of Sweden.

The shop focuses on 20th-century pieces, so you never really know what you’ll find. But you can be sure everything has been carefully selected under the sophisticated eye of proprietor Michael James. I would vote The Silver Fund among the best destinations for out-of-the-ordinary designer furnishings and accessory store in the Palm Beaches.

I always love when I hear from readers about design sources in Palm Beach and vicinity for the newest, the best and the most interesting objects. Please drop us an email.

And meanwhile, Regine is certainly making the most of her own sources as she expresses her love of Morocco from head to toe, entertaining with such style in Palm Beach.

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